Monday, October 11, 2010

We've been busy!!

So busy that I am having a hard time keeping up with the 31 for 21 challenge!! Yikes!!

It took us about a week to recoup the Brattleboro Buddy Walk. I don't think I had mentioned in the Buddy Walk post that we had been in the ER two nights before the walk because of croup! Nate's airway just closed right up on him! Well during last week Nate's cold got worse again (maybe a new virus - who knows?) and sleep deteriorated for all of us. I only have Nate so don't have much perspective on this but congestion for him is really pretty awful. Is it worse for DS kiddos? I don't know. He (and us) are just miserable when he gets sick. Nate takes these gurgly breaths and then chokes on all that phlegm. When we listen to him it feels like we're drowning. At one point on Saturday night we had to put him back in his crib for an hour just so we could get a little sleep. He snores, chokes a bit, then gasps for air. Just writing about it makes me feel short of breath. Ironically when are completely beat in the mornings Nate wakes up like a bright new penny (in my mom's words). Big green snot runs down onto his lips, eyes are totally crusty, and there's this scab of white snot above his lip and yet he's in the BEST mood! -- Smiling, making faces, giving us loud silly kisses. Just amazing.

Anywho, even though we were completely exhausted Sunday morning we packed up and headed out early to the MDSC Buddy Walk. We had been waiting for it all week!!

Our hero and inspiration Rachel Coleman performed before the walk. Yes, the Rachel Coleman from Signing Times!!! She was incredible with the kids and just as beautiful in person. Just about every sign we know is because of her. Nate can communicate with signs because of those wonderful Signing Time DVDs. Check her out!

Here she is performing......

We even got a picture with her and Hopkins!! --- Of course here I am trying to get Nate to just look at Rachel (not even sign) and all he can do is stare at Hopkins' fingers - hahaha

For the walk we joined our friend Noah's team. Noah's Dad is on the right. He helps to organize the Massachusetts D.A.D.S (Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome) chapter -
How cool is that?

They had over 3000 walkers on Sunday and raised over $326,000! WOW!!

After the walk we enjoyed catching up with old friends. We even got to see our cousin Meghan! She took this picture of us at the end of the day.....

AND.....I can't write a post without mentioning that my two most favorite brothers Jesse and David had birthdays in the last few weeks. Jesse turned 20 and David turned 30! This picture still cracks me up. Yes, there is our Nate, "kiss-a-saurus" magee, going after Jesse! Too cute.


  1. You are a busy lady!
    I love reading what you have to say Crista!

  2. ok this was from Jessica but I am having trouble posting things.

  3. We loved having you with us! And Rachel was so cool!

  4. Great pictures! It was so nice to have you guys with us- I hope next year we can join you in Brattleboro! It was such a special treat to ahve Rachel Coleman come.